VMware OVF Tool

VMware OVF Tool 3.5

Manages, imports and exports OVF data packs
3.5.0 (See all)
Create virtual machines of any type. The software imports, exports and manages OVF packs and maintains the mobility of virtual installations on multiple independent platforms. The database features multiple entries with differently formatted OVF-based machines.

VMware OVF Tool is a command line utility that supports importing and exporting of OVF packages.
OVF enables efficient, flexible, and secure distribution of enterprise software, facilitating the mobility of virtual machines and giving customers vendor and platform independence. Customers can deploy an OVF formatted virtual machine on the virtualization platform of their choice.

With OVF, customers’ experience with virtualization is greatly enhanced, with more portability, platform independence, verification, signing, versioning, and licensing terms. OVF lets you:

-Improve your user experience with streamlined installations
-Offer customers virtualization platform independence and flexiblity
-Create complex pre-configured multi-tiered services more easily
-Efficiently deliver enterprise software through portable virtual machines
-Offer platform-specific enhancements and easier adoption of advances in virtualization through extensibility

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